Essential Fall/Winter Accessory: Scarves

Your outfit for the day looks great. It’s almost perfect, but there’s something missing. You’ve tried on some jewelry, but nothing is working. Maybe it’s your hairstyle? Nope. Your top? No, you can’t change that.

So, what do you need to complete your outfit? Over the layers of warmth, you might want to top it off with a scarf. Scarves are always trendy - not to mention versatile and your basic fall/winter essential. Who doesn’t own a scarf?

There are different scarf designs and styles. In this case, we’re mainly talking about the basic winter scarf. The pattern or material doesn’t matter too much—just make sure it’s an adequate length and not too thick or heavy.

Thanks to Michelle Phan for creating an always helpful YouTube video: 7 ways to wear a scarf.

The Knot
The Bow
The Loop
Cardigan (use with cardigan or blazer)
Circle/Infinity scarf
The Big Knot

The weather is dipping down into the lows of 60s and 50s, maybe even colder (or warmer) depending on your location. As the wintry weather quickly approaches boots, sweaters and coats are making an appearance on the sidewalks of campuses. Hoodies are no longer sufficient.

Dress up your look by using a scarf and trying out these new ways. You’ll be bundled up and warm for any football, soccer or hockey games that your school is crazy about.

Jewelry and other fine accessories can add glam to your outfit, but scarves are so cozy and warm that you can wear them multiple ways. Not to mention they’re not ridiculously expensive. It’s a win for everyone.

By: Laura Good | Images: Source, Weheartit

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  1. I like the way you included a video, Chriselle Michelle have really inspired me to try some different ways. I liked the bow and the cardigan or blazer. I will try them out :)


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