Review: Tame Your Hair with the HANA Flat Iron

Is your hair unpredictable when you wake up in the morning? Sometimes it looks pretty damn good, but other days, it's flying all over the place. My hair is thick and usually frizzy, and I normally don't have the time to seriously tame it before rushing off to class in the morning.

The HANA 1" Professional Flat Iron from Missiko is great for taming my baby hairs and straightening out any frizz in general. I usually like to keep the waviness in my hair and don't like it to look too flat, so I don't straighten all my hair. However, on the few days I do need to straighten my hair more than usual, the HANA flat iron really makes a difference compared to my old Conair flat iron that I bought at a drugstore. The flat iron features ceramic, floating plates that adjust to hair texture and thickness. The heat settings go from 140 degrees all the way up to 450, so it really straightens out even stubborn, thick hair like mine.

The only downside to this flat iron was that it is only 1" thick; straightening all my hair takes awhile. For thick hair, you should definitely get a wider flat iron for faster results. For thin to medium hair, however, this flat iron straightens hair really well.

The verdict? The HANA flat iron does its job well, and really tames frizzy hair. It's great as a gift for a friend or as a splurge for yourself. As always, don't forget to use a thermal protection spray or serum before you straighten to protect your hair from the heat!

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