The New "It" Girl: Elizabeth Olsen

Say goodbye to the twin duo Mary-Kate and Ashley and say hello to Lizzie Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen, that is. The roles have been reversed and now this 22-year-old rising actress is making headlines, turning heads to see what she has to offer.

Olsen landed her first cover on the October issue of "Nylon" magazine and was featured in the September issue of "GQ," which focused on her role in the thriller "Martha Marcy May Marlene." The dramatic, search-for-identity film has rounded up positive reviews, posts and comments about Olsen’s role as lead character, Martha. Oscar buzz is already brewing.

“The 22-year old actress is transfixing. The only count against her is that she happens to be an Olsen,” the Entertainment section of "Time" magazine said. Mary-Kate and Ashley may have received most of the attention for the past decade or so, but this beauty is rising to the top, joining her sisters in their stardom.

Olsen is already established in the movie industry. She filmed in a psychological thriller “Red Lights” with Robert DeNiro and Sigourney Weaver, which is in post production and waiting to be debuted in 2012. In addition, she starred in a comedy drama, “Liberal Arts,” co-starring Zac Efron.

Her first role, however, was in “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” which is scheduled to be released this year. "Time" also reports that Olsen will be shooting “Very Good Girls,” working alongside Dakota Fanning and Dustin Hoffman.

“I wasn’t naive to how I would be perceived when I decided to choose to act,” Olsen told "Time" Entertainment. “I’ve been asked the question about what it’s like growing up with famous sisters since I was seven years old. I feel like I’ve been talking about them forever.”

Not anymore. Olsen has been named as the ‘Next Big Thing’ “from the moment people first saw the film at January’s Sundance Film Festival,” "Entertainment Weekly" said.

It’s without a doubt that this third-wheel Olsen sister is no longer hitched along for the ride. She has potential for great success, taking inspiration and hope from her older sisters.

“The thing with my sisters is, they are great business women and incredibly creative,” she said to TIME. “They created this fashion empire and they are only 25 years old. My sisters represent to me women who have the strongest work ethic I know.”

Olsen also gets her quirky style from Mary-Kate and Ashley. Elizabeth is making more appearances on the carpet and on television shows, showcasing not only her talent on the big screen, but her fashion sensibility. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s new fashion line has gained popularity, but many will be looking to see what Elizabeth will be wearing in future events.

With a mix of boho, menswear, inspiring layering techniques and unique personality, Olsen is trying it all out. She’s not afraid of making an independent statement along the lines of the fashion industry. Even if that means kicking it back and wearing beanies and scarves, it’s clear that Olsen likes to keep it comfy and happens when you’re a college student and rising actress.

Nothing is stopping this new "it" girl from sharing her own story and setting aside the endless questions about being a sister of the Olsen twins.

By: Laura Good | Images: Weheartit, Weheartit, Tumblr, Source

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