Beautified: How To Rock Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic nail polish colors are back, bold, and here to stay for this fall/winter. As the seasons before us have always done; dark colors such as brown, blacks, grays, and envious greens, have made a vengeance. If you’re bold enough to own the rock star, Metallica look, then brace yourself, as this fall trend will be all over the streets, schools, and on some of your favorite fashion icons.

Go Bold With Gold
Due to its versatility, this is one color that can easily go with anything. If you want a strong pop of color that is easy to notice and will accommodate any outfit, then add some gold. For an extra, spicy affect, go with a more pumpkin kind-of gold. Lately, the color orange has been seen in various ways through clothes, accessories, and even makeup; use that inspiration as a way to add some pizazz for a normal, semi-dull gold.

Add Some Crackle:
Crackle certainly did have its intense, fifteen minutes of fame. But that isn’t to say that it isn’t still a hot trend. Incorporate crackle with metallic colors. I recommend a strong silver color, as the strong contrast of the black crackle, will be an eye-catching supreme of effects.

Make Them Envious With Green:

Oh, greens, always a gorgeous color for nails. Mint green, lime green, deep walk through a forest kind-of green, whatever it is, or what it’s called—weird, or not—green is always in. If you can’t find a metallic green, opt for a simple one, and then add on some shimmer to give it that ultra-glam effect.

Whichever color you choose to wear, make sure that you rock the metallic look with your personality and style as well; add some sass to your outfit, either with black leather boots, or an edgy headband, and incorporate all that into a bad-ass, rock star-worthy personality.

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