Five Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

Stay active.

While the holidays may be a great time to de-stress from school, work or other everyday stresses, you must remember to exercise. Even if that means finding a gym to use for a month, the results will be worth it.

Never skip meals.

Though during the holidays it may be tempting to save your appetite for a large meal you will have later in the day, it’s important to still eat three meals a day, especially breakfast.

Don’t forget to sleep!

As brilliant as it may sound to stay up all night and wrap presents, sleep-deprivation can ultimately lead to weight gain.  Making sure you get enough sleep over the holiday season can help keep the extra weight off.

Try your best not to overindulge.

Even though your grandmother’s cookies may be to-die-for, eating the whole platter can’t possibly be healthy. However, savoring a few is perfectly acceptable.

Drink plenty of water.

Like always, it’s important to keep hydrated. Limiting your intake of sugary drinks and replacing them with water can be a simple, yet effective way to cut out the extra calories.

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