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As our workloads have accumulated throughout the semester, we’re unfortunately left with less time for fashion. Unlike the beginning of the school year when we’re fresh off our summer shopping sprees with tons of new clothes, our wardrobe pickings are becoming sparse. Waking up each morning and coming up with a completely fashion-forward and impeccable outfit is becoming a harder challenge.

So what’s a savvy college student to do? I don’t know about you, but the first place I check for fashion inspiration is Documenting the most fashionable and daring style mavens around the world, will have you generating outfit combinations in no time! Although the individuals featured on this top-notch style blog are twenty-something fashionistas like us, they always appear model-ready. A quick look at the day’s posts and it’s clear that maxi skirts are having a huge moment. Whether your style is über feminine, a little bit edgy or effortless and relaxed, maxi skirts can work for you.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the maxi skirt bandwagon:

  • A pleated maxi skirt, crisp white blazer and vintage-looking satchel bag are the elements for a professional and pulled-together ensemble. Wear this look for school, work or a fun date! Not only are pleats ultra luxe, but emerald green is on-trend this season. Among a sea of people wearing earth tones, the vibrancy of emerald will make an instant statement. To eliminate unnecessary bulk, simply cinch a belt around your waist.
  • If you’re not a fan of bold blasts of color, go neutral with shades of black and gray. Choose graphic t-shirts that reflect your tastes; whether that be via an image of a wild animal or a photo of your favorite ‘70s rock band. When accessorizing, go for distinct pieces that give off a tough vibe; think stacked bracelets, chunky necklaces and anything with chains.
  • For those lucky enough to live in warmer climates, the ultimate way to wear a maxi skirt is with a crop top or tee. Be creative with the crop top that you select, it will play a key role in conveying your personal style. For instance, while a lacy crop top exudes ladylike chic, one that is ripped and tattered along the edges is much more punk.

To dress up your look and instantly add some height, wear shoes that have a heel. Summertime wedges or leather platforms are two options that will instantly take your look from day to night. If you want to spice up your ensemble, try accessories in attention-grabbing hues such as orange, neon green, and electric pink. Finally, for an effortless, California chic look, a slouchy white bag is a must!

By: Anjerika Wilmer | Images:,,, Polyvore

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