Redecorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

Whether you still live at home, in a dorm room or your own apartment, room decor is just as important as the way you dress yourself each morning. A decorated room that reflects your personal style will inspire you everyday and be an automatic mood booster. Your room is your sanctuary and it is easier than you think to make it look like one without buying any furniture and focusing on color and accessories. Here are some simple things you can add, fix or change to revamp your bedroom.

Color Theme

The first step to transforming your room is choosing a color theme that will be bring a soothing feeling to the room. Steer away from bright colors and patterns to avoid a cluttered and busy feel. Opt for softer colors that will bring a calm feeling to the room, ideal for studying and relaxation. Choose a main color that will be your accent color and two complementary neutral colors. Here are some ideas:

Color Combos:
Lilac purple + white, silver
Burnt orange + black, white
Blue + taupe, white
Pink + silver, white
Red + gold, white
Yellow + brown, white

Wall Color

The easiest way to transform your bedroom is by slapping a new color on you walls. For wall color you can go one of two ways: either chose to splatter your accent color on your walls or in your bedroom accessories (i.e. comforter, picture frames, rugs, curtains). But don't do both because you don’t want to overdo the color scheme. Keep it balanced. The accent color is that, an accent, to brighten up the room.

Cost: $40 for a bucket of paint and painting tools.
(The most cost-efficient way is to paint it yourself. Invite a friend over and make it a painting party with ice cream breaks, and blast your favorite pop songs on the stereo.)

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is a staple in every girl’s bedroom. Stick to a neutral shade frame like black, white or grey that will work with any color scheme you choose for your room. Stores like Ikea and Target have a large variety for affordable prices.

Cost: $10-$40

Ikea Stave Mirror, Birch


Good lighting is essential in a bedroom to set the atmosphere for relaxation and studying. The best way to achieve ideal lighting for both situations is to have at least two different light sources. This can mean an overhead light or a floor lamp and a smaller desk or nightstand lamp. Lighting both will bring in bright light to keep you up during those late study sessions. Turning on only your lamp will give dim lighting, which is ideal for unwinding at the end of your day. Lamps can be very affordable and can add to the overall room decor. If your accent color is your wall color, go for a neutral tone lamp.

Ikea Basisk Pendant Lamp, Nickel Plated, White - $16.99

Ikea Not Floor Uplight/Reading Lamp, White - $11.99

Target Simply Shabby Chic Resin Candlestick Table Lamp - $25.49

Target Mini Ball Lamp - $10.39

Cost: $15-$30

Picture Frames

Picture frames can add life to your room and inspire you on a daily basis. You can use them for photos or even your favorite artwork.

Cost: $2-$7

Ikea NYTTJA Frame, White - $3.99 for 2

Target 6 Opening Flat Collage Frame - $9.99


Your bed is the center of attention of your room so a chic comforter and a few accent pillows can completely transform your bed and overall look of the room. Stay away from busy patterns to go with the soothing tone of the room.

Cost: $30 for a comforter

Target Room Essentials Duvet Set - $19.99-$24.99
Desk Decor

As a college student you are sure to spend hours on end at your desk writing papers, working on homework and studying. So it is important for your desk to stay organized and look welcoming. A picture frame with a picture that makes you smile will keep you motivated as your studying. A wall calendar will also spruce up your workspace and keep your activities and deadlines organized. Books on a bookshelf can also be used as room decor to make your room look more studious. A vase with fake flowers will also brighten up the room.


The final touch is the curtains. You will be amazed by how much simple curtains can change the look of your room. Again, if your accent color is on your walls stick to neutral curtains.

Cost: $20

Target Eclipse Microfiber Thermaback in Navy - $19.54

Ikea Sarita Pair of Curtains in Dark Lilac - $9.99

Ikea Ritva Pair of Curtains with Tie-Backs in Red - $24.99

Happy Decorating!

By: Jessica Estrada | Image: Weheartit

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