Beauty Gloss: 3 Products That Will Save Your Hair

The summer is quite brutal on a girl's hair. The sun dries it out and, in some instances, bleaches it. The combination of wind and saltwater at the beach can make your locks feel like sandpaper. Chlorinated pools also dry out your hair and, if you have lighter hair, give it a greenish tint. As August sets in, the humidity becomes lethal leaving you with frizz that cannot be tamed.

Luckily, there are some great products out there that can save your hair this summer:

I currently love Suave Professionals Sleek Shampoo. This inexpensive drugstore product left my hair with lovely, shiny, bouncy waves. My hair looked great even through a barbeque on a humid, 90-degree day. Shampoo with this daily to get a good start on great hair this summer.

I have wanted to try Argan Oil for quite some time now but the price and difficulty to find was a turn-off. But when my hair was in need of some serious repair this summer, I took the plunge. The results have been absolutely amazing. I put this on about an hour before a shower and let it soak in- occasionally I use a blow dryer for an extra deep condition. My ends no longer look brittle and dry. Humidity has next to no effect on my hair after using Argan Oil.

To take out tangles and knots left over from a windy drive or day at the ocean I use Aussie Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner. The fantastic smell is enough to make you want to use this but the easy-to-manage hair it leaves you with will make this a summer must-have. Keep this in your beach bag to tame your locks in a snap.

These are the three products that are getting me through the summer with hardly any bad hair days.

What do you do to keep your hair tame and looking fabulous during the extreme heat and humidity?

By: Lauren Sale | Images: Source, Source, Source, Source

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  1. I thought you weren't supposed to shower every day because it can actually dry out your hair? Instead I hear that it should be every other day.


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