Outfit Under $75: Amusement Park Pretty

For day-long events and outings, sometimes you might be required to spend a little cash to get where you want to go. Gas money, food money and other random things can really add up! If that’s your case, then you probably don’t want to add extra money to your burden by spending loads on a brand new outfit. But there are definitely ways to pick up a few new pieces that keep your look fresh for your next adventure without breaking the bank.

One such fun summer event is a trip to an amusement park. An essential activity to participate in with your friends during the summer, a day at a theme park can turn out to be serious fun. Riding rides, heading to the water park if it’s hot, and even seeing a show at the end of the night are all things that are made for summertime. And of course, as a fashionable college girl, you want to look good while doing it!

Top: $12.99, Charlotte Russe, Shorts: $11.50, Forever 21, Sandals: $12.80, Wet Seal, Watch: $12.99, Target, Bag: $18.50, Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses: $5.80, Forever 21

Total $74.58

A loose top is an easy way to stay comfortable and be fashionable all day long. Shorts are a must, as well as sandals with secure straps for when you’re going from ride to ride. Lots of accessories aren’t really practical for this kind of day, which is why one statement piece is a good choice. Think something noticeable and useful, like a statement watch, which you might need to check to be sure you’re on time to meet your friends at the next ride! A cross-body bag is an easy option, but first check that you can fit everything you need inside! Add a pair of shades (and throw on some sunscreen), and you’re ready to hit the park!

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