Going Greek: Is it for You?

I never thought I’d be that girl. I never thought I’d let go of my self-conscious thoughts that plagued me through high school. I never thought I would learn to let go of my emotional barriers. And even though I never thought I’d be the girl to come home with undying pride in my Greek letters, I pledged a sorority last fall and have never looked back.

Going Greek is a life-changing decision, and I’m not just saying that to convince you to pledge- I’m saying it because it truly changed my life. Believe me, if you would have asked any of my family members or close friends from high school where they would see me in college, sorority life would have probably been last on their list. I was the reserved, smart, shy and friendly girl next door; not the talkative, passionate and energetic girl they pictured as a college sorority woman. I was afraid to break my high school image I had treasured and protected over the last four years. I was fine with being the girl who all my friends had grown to know. I was okay with average and afraid of change.

So what changed? What finally encouraged me to take a huge leap of faith and join the Greek system? As it turns out, all it took was a trip to college. I remember my first few days on campus. Sure, everything was new and exciting and there were so many new people to meet and activities to try, but truthfully, I was terrified of getting lost. I was scared that I would end up hiding in my dorm room, isolating myself, fearing rejection and failure. I was nervous that I wouldn’t find my place to belong.

I depended on my high school friends for a lot. They helped me through some pretty tough times and losing them to different universities around the Midwest was heartbreaking. I came to campus in the fall craving a group again. In high school, I found comfort in the fact that I belonged to a close-knit circle of friends, and suddenly being on my own was so much lonelier than I had anticipated. After a few bubbly, upbeat sorority women walked past my dorm I felt something in me change. I felt compelled to go through rush, despite all the rumors that it wasn’t worth it and that all of the girls were fake. And after rush, as I opened my letter on bid day, I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief.

I knew that I found home again. I found girls that shared my passion for life. I found girls that I could laugh and cry with. I found girls that would do anything to see me smile. I walked away from campus after two semesters as an outgoing, optimistic, personable and classy young woman. I got compliments from my hometown friends as to how sophisticated and fun I had become. I let go of all the fear and judgment of high school and let myself be who I had always wanted to be. Above all else, I know that the girls in my sorority house value the person that I have become. I know that they see the real me; they truly care about letting me shine as an individual.

Is going Greek for everyone?
Absolutely not.

Is going Greek the same on every campus.
Absolutely not.

Is going Greek worth considering on your campus in the fall- even if you seem like the last possible girl that could ever fit the ‘stereotype’?

If you don’t at least consider it, you never know if going Greek could help you finally let go of all your doubts and insecurities. You never know if going Greek could truly change your life.

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