Michelle Phan: The Beauty Guru You Should Watch

Every girl has her favorite everything: make-up, accessory, pair of jeans, little black dress, and shoes. Inspiration can come from millions of sources, from fashion’s legendary artists Alexander Wang or Tommy Hilfiger, to your best friend who has all the best looks and pull them off with such ease.

There’s one go-to-guru that has caught the attention of millions of viewers, readers, bloggers, and dedicated fans: Michelle Phan.

This 24-year-old Massachusetts native has built her success from simple make-up tutorial YouTube videos that have gone viral across the globe. Since 2006, Phan has become YouTube’s #1 “Makeup Guru” with over 1.3 million subscribers.

“A good Guru is not just a teacher, but also a student…I don’t know everything, but I am willing to learn,” said Phan in one of her Midsummer Enchantment YouTube makeup tutorial.

Setting her hopes and dreams high, she graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and is now LancĂ´me’s online spokesperson. In addition, she can found behind the scenes at New York’s Fashion week and filling the pages of ever popular fashion magazines like Vogue and Forbes.

This artistic beauty has given so many tips, tricks, and advice to unguided and helpless girls who have difficulty expressing their natural beauty through make-up design.

“It is about finding inspiration, supporting each other's creativity, and building the lifestyle of your dreams,” said Phan.

Entirely creative and not afraid to experiment with hundreds of looks, her latest “beauty smarties” feature in Seventeen magazine’s August issue, shares her “Galactic Glam” how-to tutorial that is out of this world.

Phan is working nonstop, building her career to the highest heights. Inspired by others, Phan continues to share her knowledge with fans over the web on her YouTube channel. Now, she even has her own website, where she keeps everyone posted and updated on her latest ventures, new finds, contests, and so much more.

Beginning as a mere fascination, Phan is now expanding what she truly loves to do. Phan is allowing people to blog on her website’s forum and stay up to date with latest fashions, beauty, and lifestyles that she feels the need to share. From everything to DIY to skincare advice and assistance, Phan’s personal site enables girls to question the most frustrating, annoying, or problematic questions. She, along with other readers and experts, can give answers, leaving the person with ease and comfort.

She recently blogged about a new article coming out by “The Ultimate 25 Under 25: Mochi’s List of Young Asian American Influencers.” In their feature article, Phan is listed as number 16! Congrats, Michelle!

You can find Michelle's Youtube channel here and see for yourself!

By: Laura Good | Image: Source

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