Crush Crazy: Easy Ways to Make Your Move

You’ve seen him lounging around the neighborhood pool. You’ve made eye contact all over town. You’re pretty sure he’s into you and you’re definitely into him… so what’s the next step on your quest for love? Coming into the late summer, it’s finally time for you to make your move from summer crush to summer fling. Without making things too serious, these casual date ideas are the perfect way to catch your guy’s attention and keep him coming back for more.

1. Take him on a fun outdoor adventure. Most guys love to be active. Let’s face it- they love to show off their athletic ability and/or muscular build. Explore local trails on an outdoor hike, challenge him to a race around the lake or spend the day roller blading around town. Show him that you aren’t afraid to sweat!

2. Host a casual group party. Parties and large get-togethers are usually the easiest situations to turn up the flirt. Have friends over for a barbecue, bonfire or a couple hands of cards. By hosting your own party, you have control over who you invite (keep the guy/girl ratio is similar) and what activities you do. It also gives him the chance to compliment you on being such a great host.

3. Get your hair wet at the beach. Grab a cute and casual outfit, rock the beachy waves and jump in the water! Guys love to see active girls enjoying themselves in the sun instead of just laying on their beach towels. Sand volleyball, throwing a football or Frisbee and hitting the waves on a surfboard are all great ways to get his attention fast.

4. Ask him out for ice cream. Nothing says casual flirtation like a trip to the local ice cream parlor. It’s also a great way to beat the heat and show him that you aren’t afraid to splurge every once and a while. If things are already getting serious, try offering to split a sundae. See if you can beat him to the last bite!

5. Break out your cutest swimsuit and spend the afternoon at the pool. Show off all the time you spent being active and enjoy some quiet time at the pool. If you break out an intriguing novel or accidentally play your iPod music a little too loud, he may wander over with an easy conversation starter. If he so happens to be the lifeguard, casually cast a few splashes his way and flash your best flirty smile.

The most important, cliché tip for romantic relationships is to show him the real you. Guys, unlike many women, aren’t usually into the unnecessary drama. If you show him what makes you stand out as an incredible and unique woman, he is sure to appreciate who you are as an individual. If he doesn’t, he’s not worth it anyway.

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