Pack it Up: What to Bring to Your First Year at College

Although it’s only the middle of summer, many of you are counting down the days until your first day of college! Moving from home to a college campus is one of the biggest changes in a young woman’s life. Attending a college or university allows you to embark on new experiences and to truly discover who you are.

Packing and moving into your first college dorm, however, is an experience that can be both exciting and frustrating. I can remember moving into my first dorm like it was yesterday. I thought I would never finish unpacking the many items I had brought with me. However, I soon realized there were many things I had forgotten or simply did not know to bring. Here is a list of essential, but often forgotten, items you will need during your first year of college and beyond:

Household Items

• Small toolkit (including screwdriver, small hammer, and screws)
• Dishes & Silverware
• Tupperware Containers
• Egg Crate Bed Cushion ( Dorm beds are often hard and uncomfortable)
• Bed Risers (Elevating your bed will provide more storage space)
• First Aid Kit/ Over the counter pain killers
• Fan (Be prepared if your dorm AC goes out)
• Sewing Kit
• Book light (For late night reading that won’t disturb your roommate)


• Over-the-shoulder bag (provides security and convenience when you go out)
• Rain boots
• Business Clothing (i.e. suit, slacks, blazers, moderate length skirts, pumps, appropriate flats)


• Copies of all pertinent documents (college acceptance letter, birth certificate, social security card, scholarship award letters, bank account information, etc.)
• Ethernet Cord
• All chargers for computer, phone, iPod, etc.
• Power Strips (Electric outlets in dorm rooms are limited)

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