Style Like Her: Blair Waldorf's Fruity Flair

The Look: Fruit-inspired pieces have been quite a hit this season, whether that be a pair of banana-adorned wooden heels or strawberry as charms on a statement necklace. Leighton Meester, filming the upcoming season of Gossip Girl as Upper East Side's queen bee, Blair Waldorf, is showing us exactly why the hit CW show doesn't just make strides with its scandalous plot lines and sexy male eye candy. The styling is to die for, and this Stella McCartney skirt oozes spring/summer style. Leave it to Blair to match her shoes and her handbag (all the while probably mastering some sort of vengeful plan, who knows?), but that works when you're looking for a professional feel to counteract a festive, flirty office outfit.

Bangles, $58, Nordstrom; Necklace, $40,; Top, $50, Topshop; Handbag, $348, Michael Kors; Skirt, $63,; Pumps, $92, Topshop

Getting It Right: Start by selecting a skirt or dress with a fruit pattern, such as this one from Modcloth that boasts some pears. To avoid looking like your grandma's tablecloth, utilize youthful separates like a flirty ruffled top, glitzy bangles and a long necklace. Bring it all together by selecting a bold accent color found in the skirt's pattern to select your shoe and bag option. While it seems a little silly to purchase a pair of bright orange or purple pumps if you're on a budget, you actually can get tons of use out of colored heels. Think of them as your new neutral companion; anytime you throw on an LBD or nude/grey ensemble, pair them with your bold pumps to stay on top of the trends.

By: Renee Mailhiot | Images:,

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