Instant Confidence Booster: High Heels

“Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world” – a bold statement, uttered by a bold woman, Bette Midler. The best part of this quote is that it rings quite true. I mean, you most certainly aren’t going to be Ruler of the Universe because you are donning sky-high pumps (though you will be a Ruler of Fashion), but you will ooze confidence and pride that you never even knew you had in you.

The thought may seem simple: a pair of shoes, an LBD, or a tailored jacket can not only make you more confident, but others will see you as a secure (and fabulous) woman. By putting on heels you automatically walk assertively, which not only makes you appear to others as strong, but you feel that way as well. The powerful stride that is mandatory for artfully walking in a pair of pumps reveals to others (and to yourself) that you mean what you do or say. When you walk confidently and firmly people notice, and you feel pretty amazing too. I’ve found that wearing heels is a simple fix to boost that confidence. Even if they’re not 5-inch heels (which are quite achievable with practice) you will immediately feel yourself exude sheer confidence.

It is nothing new that when you look more polished and put together, you feel better and people see this noticeably. My advice for giving yourself an instant Samantha Jones inspired confidence is to rev up your outfit. Wear an LBD out on a nice dinner date and show off your beautiful body. Or pair a tailored jacket with a cute sundress to give yourself a very polished and chic look. The crisp lines show you care about your attire. If there is only one thing you do, WEAR HEELS. No matter what height you are or the heel is you will feel sexy and confident – and that’s not a bad thing at all!

By: Ashley Mancini | Image: Tumblr

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