Go From Day to Night This Summer

This summer I am spending much of my daytime at a desk in business-casual attire, desperately dreaming of being outside in the summer sun. Much of the time, I find myself running to get outside at the end of the day so I am able to enjoy the weather with friends. Summer weather can be scorching hot across the nation, and “chilling” outside in dress pants tends to be “baking” outside, so planning ahead is key to enjoying the weather in comfort. Although my outfits are put together and classic, they don’t necessarily translate well to going-out attire. If you’d love to go straight from work to catch up with friends for a bite or a drink (and actually enjoy the sunshine for its remaining hours), follow these tips for smooth transitioning.

First, remember that layers are your best friend. Choose a light, flowy sundress (office-appropriate length is a must) paired with a chic cardigan or blazer. Wear this with ballet flats or wedges and you can instantly be warm-weather fabulous in seconds by taking off that outer layer. Another option for the workday is a silky tank with black or khaki linen pants and a fitted jacket. Bring a pair of shorts with you and throw them on before you head out.

Accessories are key for making the switch flawless. Personally, I love a pair of long or chandelier type earrings to create that wow factor you crave outside of work. If the earrings are subtle, wear them during the day. If they have some bling, put those sparklers on once you leave work. Another aspect of summer accessorizing is bag choice. Bring a small, brightly-hued cross-body or wristlet along and swap the two once you’re ready to go out.

The best thing to remember is to be prepared. Have a pair of shorts in your car if you tend to have spontaneous outings after work, that way you can make a quick change with minimal hassle. If you don’t like wearing heels to work, stow a pair of wedges in your car for later.

Simple tricks like these will have you enjoying your summer free time among all of the jobs, internships and summer classes.

By: Ashley Mancini | Image: Source

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