The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending Summer Weddings

Not only is summer a time to hit the beach and sleep in, but it also means that a few friends or family members may be getting ready to tie the knot. Summer weddings can be great- but there are a few rules you should follow to ensure that you follow wedding etiquette and have a good time.

· Appearance- When it comes to deciding how formal your dress should be, look over the invitation for clues or play it safe with mid-length cocktail dresses. Always avoid wearing white to a wedding. Instead, try fun summer colors or patterns that complement the season. Floral colors (like mint, coral, yellow, or rose) are always good options. Stick to fresh, light makeup and a hairstyle that can adapt to hot and muggy outdoor conditions.

· Gifts- Summer can also be a great time to bring creative wedding gifts. Spice up a traditional wedding registry by bringing honeymoon gift baskets (books, beach towels, canvas bags, cameras, etc.), a romantic DVD collection or garden tools. Make it personal with monogrammed drink glasses, tote bags, picture frames or stationary.

· Guests & Dates- Unless the invitation includes a phrase like ‘plus one’ or ‘and guest’ don’t assume it is okay to bring a date. If you are free to bring someone, make sure that your date acts responsibly and follows proper wedding etiquette.

· Behavior- Remember, although the wedding couple wants you to have fun, there are certain things that are off limits. Have fun on the dance floor, but keep your moves appropriate and respectful. Don’t take more than your share of food/beverages and always remember to thank and congratulate the wedding couple.

By Meaghan O’Connor | Photo:

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