Cheap Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

This past week, I went up to Vermont to visit friends from school and was surprised by how hot it was. But I still managed to stay reasonably cool in the hot Vermont. Here are some simple ways to stay cool in the last scorching weeks of summer:

Go window shopping at a local mall

The mall in Burlington is not very big but has air conditioning. One thing I like to do is walk around different store and see what's on sale and what I may like. If it’s memorable, I go back and buy it. Not only am I not buying out of impulse, but I also manage to stay cool while saving money.

Take advantage of place that offer either free water or a place to fill you water bottle

I feel horrible going in and asking for water, but some places, at least in Burlington, offer it. Sometimes, it’s only a small glass, but some water is better than no water. Some restaurants have a tap you can push to fill your water bottle up as long as you pay for something; you can get fruit to give you energy and fill your water bottle up!

Find cool snacks and drinks

Drinking ice tea and lemonade are my staples to summer. I love a nice cold glass of fresh lemonade. It’s so refreshing and very easy to make on the whim. Ice tea is very simple and can cool you down. Just remember that since it has caffeine, you want to remain hydrated.

Go swimming

Whether it’s an ocean, pool, or lake, these options will cool you down fast.

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  1. I love window shopping at the mall- it's my favorite way to spend hot days out of the sun! :)


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