5 Musts Before Summer Ends

Here are five summer musts that could potentially turn an “OK” summer into one you look back fondly upon for years. Check them out.

1. Watch
Summer just isn’t summer without watching at least seasons one and two of “The O.C.” You just can’t beat the drama of Ryan and Marissa. If your love life is looking a little lackluster, then you could draw some inspiration from Seth and Summer, or be a little naughty like Julie Cooper and well…every guy in Newport.

2. Read
Crack open all the “Harry Potter” books—yes all seven of them—and relive the magic that comprised your childhood! We are the Harry Potter generation after all and we need to make sure that the magic doesn’t end with the completion of the last movie! Oh, and you absolutely must watch the last installation of the “Harry Potter” series on IMAX 3D (real IMAX; a lot of theaters claim that they have Imax screens, but they’re fakes—IMAX screens should be overwhelmingly huge when you see them. Most screens are about 72 x 52.8 ft.). You won’t regret it. Oh and bring tissues…trust me, you’ll need them.

3. Listen
Go to a concert! There’s nothing like live music and seeing your favorite artist perform and pour his or her soul out right before your eyes. My friend went to the Prince and Steely Dan concerts and had a blast. Last year, I went to a five-hour concert and caught the water bottle of the band Boys Like Girls and danced to Cobra Starship. I’ll definitely have to relive the fun.

4. Taste
Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Go to a restaurant with your favorite people and order whatever you want. Just this once, splurge and indulge yourself in food and aromatic bliss. All the world’s problems seem to melt away when loving people are enjoying themselves and the pleasure of eating wonderful food and sharing it with each other.

5. Give
Pleasure is ten times more enjoyable when shared with others. So hand make or donate a gift for someone special as a “thank you” for being so wonderful, and to show that you haven’t taken him or her for granted. The thought will be cherished forever and will most likely be the subject of warm, nostalgic stories for years. Make a mixed tape, a donation, a friendship bracelet, a Mother-daughter picture frame, anything—that’s all you need to show you care.

Make sure to cover all these bases and you’ll surely have a wonderful rest of the summer.

By: Diana Kraikittikun | Image: Weheartit

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