Outfit Under $75: White Out

Every girl has those days when she wants to look really put together and fashionable. However, not all of us can grab some new designer duds when we want to feel trendy. That’s why it’s important to learn that you can still be just as stylish as the next girl, but on a budget that will make you and your wallet feel good!

A huge trend this summer is white. This season is the perfect time to rock this trend, because crisp whites automatically give off that beachy, carefree, summer vibe. Pick up a little white dress, a few new shirts, or even better, a brand new outfit in head-to-toe white. A full on white out will surely get you noticed, but you obviously want to make sure it’s for the right reasons. There are a few tricks to pulling off an entirely white ensemble, but luckily, they’re easy to get right!

When you’re dressed in only one color, texture is an essential element because it will help break up your look. A white lace top over a white cami will add that effect, as well as some girly attitude and a dose of layering. A pair of distressed white skinny jeans completes the clothing portion of this look, providing a nice contrast with the loose top. Now, it’s always a given that you should try not to get your clothes dirty, but with whites, it’s even more important! Another element to the all-white ensemble is a small burst of something that isn’t white, be it a bright color, a print, or a metallic. In this case, it’s a skinny braided belt. For shoes, you could definitely do flats, or you could dress it up a little with white canvas espadrilles. Finish off your look with a white and gold statement ring (mixing metals), and you’re ready to white it up!

By: Hannah Bell | Image: Polyvore

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