Splashes of Color and Raging Prints: Mix It Up This Summer

Many of you may watched the MTV Awards Show, which brought millions of viewers nationwide. Television and computer screens gleamed as the nation’s favorite celebrities, actors, and vocalists walked the carpet that all led to an evening full of acceptance speeches and countless awards.

Before Justin Timberlake’s friendly boob-grab and Robert Pattinson’s smooch to fellow co-star Taylor Lautner, photographers, interviewers, and videographers captured the MTV Awards’ outstanding and outrageous fashion wardrobes.

This summer’s "it" styles and designs are making more and more appearances, allowing critics and fans to truly see what the fashion industry has to offer.

Articles across the Internet and broadcasts on television shows have applauded a few celebrities and their fashion choices, like Selena Gomez’s dress by Giambattista Valli and, of course, Blake Lively’s standout cobalt blue cutout dress by Michael Kors.

The casual and comfortable romper is turning heads, floral designs are capturing the hearts of girls everywhere, and maxi dresses are so versatile that a girl can’t go wrong. But there are a couple things to keep in mind this summer that will completely enhance your wardrobe.

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Flashes of neon color and cultural designs, patterns, and prints are being showcased more than ever. Fashion magazines, such as Glamour and Elle, are encouraging readers to take a bold leap and are ultimately allowing women to revamp their styles for a whole new look.

There is a “Hey, look at me now!” vibe trending, where girls are given a boost of self-esteem. No girl should go unnoticed; we all have our own unique personalities and styles, along with likes and dislikes.

Jumping, bright colors are often found on shirts and bathing suits, but “these neon colors work wonders as gowns and ladylike skirts as well,” said Wasserman from Elle.

Even neon makeup is creating popularity. “From 80’s inspired, bright colored leggings to pops of fuchsia lipstick, these bright colors are making their way into makeup palettes and staying there,” said Ciaria from The Fashion Spot.

Store mannequins are displayed with mix and match tops and bottoms, including dresses and cropped jackets. How you decide to look on Tuesday or Friday is totally up to you. Maybe you like pairing up a military jacket with a cute, white, patterned summer dress or kicking it back with a comfy pullover, shorts, and flip-flops.

Along with animal prints, other geometrical shapes and designs are flowing off tops and dresses. Stripes are remaining ever trendy, highlighting every woman’s natural physique.

Whether your inspiration comes from events such as the MTV Awards, your favorite fashion magazine, or your own creativity, fashion is a statement which you decide each and every day. Fashion allows divine expression of those personalities, from various cultures and backgrounds, no matter who you are.

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