Spicing Up Your Summer Uniform

It’s summer. Time for hot weather, sunshine and...uniforms? Summer brings the excitement of not having to write essays and being able to hang out with friends, but it also brings summer jobs. In some cases, this means wearing tank tops or sundresses, while others wear suits for internships.

But there are some people, including myself, who need to wear a uniform. I work at a summer camp, where I am required to wear non-denim shorts, a polo shirt issued by the camp, and sneakers. This is for five days a week for ten weeks. After about a week this look gets old, especially when it’s the fourth year having to wear it.

Here's what to do to spice up your uniform:

1. Get some fun accessories! Bracelets are a great way to bring some personality. It’s almost an unwritten law that you must acquire at least three bracelets from campers. I also am a fan of leather bracelets. They get hot but have a really relaxed look, and they give your uniform a little personal touch.

2. Since sneakers are required at my job, but I make it a point to change up my shoes. I have my favorite Nike Airs, which have tons of colors. I also wear a pair of canvas shoes from Urban Outfitters and my favorite pairs of Converse shoes. Changing up shoes lets you show some off your personality and remain comfortable.

3. Necklaces are always nice, but for camp, a little one is just what you need. I have one I made with a leather strap and a rock I found on a beach in Ireland. Once again, it’s simple but shows off your personality.

4. Another accessory is earrings. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with getting my ears pierced, so I have no holes in my ears. But I do suggest fun earrings that don't hang. If you’re working with small kids, anything is possible. So if you work at a camp, I would say small cute ones, sort of like the ones that you can get at Urban Outfitters.

5. The final things that make the outfit unique are the shorts or pants. Since denim is out of the question for me, I wear floral shorts and some cool cotton ones I found at Old Navy and Urban Outfitters.

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