He's Into You: 5 Body Language Signs that Give it Away

It seems people never mean what they say these days and the game playing only gets worse when dealing with relationships. So, if you are sick of trying to figure out how your guy is really feeling, get a little primitive and read his body language! No matter how cool and collected he may come off, his body can’t lie! Here are the most common moves decoded!

Talking with his hands
This is a sign of a good communicator and remember the bigger his gestures are the more he likes you!

When he touches his face
He isn’t trying to be cheesy and prove he has this profound deep thought, he is actually listening to you! A guy who does this is genuinely interested in what you have to say!

When he licks his lips
Ladies, watch out for this man, because he is on the hunt! Just like animals in the wild, men lick their lips when they see something they want, so if a guy is walking toward you and licking his lips, he means business!

When he pushes your hair out of your eyes
If this happens between the two of you a lot it means your guy is completely smitten with you! Men who do this want to be near to you but are weary if you feel the same. So, if you like the guy smile when he moves your hair off your face because this will let him know you are interested in him as well!

When he squirms
If you are on a date and your guy can just not sit still, his body is telling you he wants out. Now, I’m not saying he wants out of the relationship, but he sure wants out of what ever the two of you are doing! So, if he normally doesn’t fidget then one day he can’t stop, he probably is going to share some bad news with you.
Remember that these movements can sometimes be situational but for the most part they are dead on!

By: Jaclyn Smock | Sources: MSN, Patti Wood, Tracey Cox, and Kevin Hogan | Image: Source

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