Dating Mr. McDreamy: All It’s Cut Out to Be?

So you’ve finally done it. You’re dating a guy who would be classified as a McDreamy or McGorgeous burger if he was on the McDonald’s menu. And if that’s the case, then I’ll have the whole combo, plus super-sized (insert dramatic wink here), please. 

McHottie meets and exceeds all the required checks on your looks list: want tall, dark, and handsome? Check. Steamy blue eyes, with just the right amount of stubble and abs that you can’t stop staring at. Double check! He seems like the perfect guy, with looks that have you hooked, but is dating an extremely hot guy all it seems to be?
   Obviously there are upsides and downsides, but here, I’ve compiled some of the negatives to dating a total babe.

He takes longer to get ready than you:  

If he’s the kind of guy who spends more time getting ready than you do, then you may have a problem. Especially when you check out yourself in the mirror and he’s behind you, doing the exact same. You want a boyfriend, not a beauty queen. It can be kind of cute in the beginning; he cares about how he looks, and maybe he’s even trying to impress you. But if you find yourself, months down the road, waiting for him to re-gel his hair for the third time in a row, then it’s clearly time for him to cut the crap.

The dirty, jealous glares:
Since your boyfriend is one hot commodity, you may have to get used to the dirty looks and grilling by other girls. It can either make you feel totally special, or completely exhausted by having to deal with girls ogling him all the time. And the flirting may seem endless – he’ll probably love the attention, but for you, it could potentially turn you into the crazy girlfriend who accuses him of flirting with every girl. You don’t want to be the girl that people look at with a confused expression on their face and say, “he’s dating her? Why?” Doesn’t sound like that much fun, right?

Ah, the irresistible PDA:

If you could have a date with your Hollywood crush, say Bradley Cooper? It’s obvious that you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off of him, which could and probably will, result in a restraining order and fifteen minutes of fame. But for your hot boyfriend, when he’s constantly looking so extremely yummy, how could you ever stop groping him? Remember when you first met his parents? Yeah, they thought that you came over to eat dinner, not your boyfriends face.

Not such a beautiful soul:
As bias as it seems, when a girl meets a hot guy, we sometimes just assume that he’s a player. Most hot guys have a rep for being cocky. They’re hot, they know it, and they want the world to know it too. Don’t let his looks be what keeps you hooked because for long term, your hottie might not be all that appealing years down the road, especially if he’s got a personality that just screams U-G-L-Y.

Overall, it really can be a wonderful feeling to be with a hot guy – you get to show him off to all your friends. Plus, force him to take a zillion photos to post on Facebook to say: hell yeah, that’s my boyfriend. But what’s the point of dating a hot guy if his personality is extremely ugly? Being with a gorgeous guy can make you feel amazing, but in the end, is it worth it? I’m definitely not trying to say that they’re all complete d-bags, but you need to be aware that there can be risks with dating a guy who looks like he just fell from heaven. You have to make sure you’re looking past his features and know his full personality, not just the outside glance. Just remember, his looks may attract your immediate attention, but it’s going to be his personality that will essentially capture your heart.

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