Forget the Freshman 15, Watch Out for the Relationship 15

You have heard of the freshman 15 and may have even dodged it. But there is a new 15-pound weight gain to fear and it’s the relationship 15! The relationship 15 is the weight gain couples face during their honeymoon phase. When new relationships are just starting to blossom and the endorphins are spiraling out of control people tend to forget about dieting and exercising. This mind slips happens because they are spending their free time getting to know their new love and ignoring their treadmill! Before you know it, people can tell just how great your relationship is going by how much “love flub” you have packed on. Here are ways to avoid the dreaded relationship 15:

1. Plan more creative dates. Don’t let all of your dates center around food, especially late night eating.

2. Get moving. instead of doing dates that involve just sitting around. Go outside and explore some local trails — you might even find a new romantic spot!

3. Don’t ignore bad habits. Let’s be honest, just because you are dating someone doesn’t mean you can stop going to the gym. You cared about the way you looked before, why would you let yourself go now? Trust me, there is enough time to work out and spend time with your significant other.

Don't let this article scare you off from basking in some honeymoon bliss behavior; just do everything in moderation, and you will avoid the dreaded relationship 15!

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