Feather Fury: The Debate Over Summer’s Hottest Trend

Feather hair extensions are trending from coast to coast. You may have seen them around and wondered if you would look good with them. They come in neon and natural colors, and they’re entirely stylish and fun. It’s safe to say hair extensions have transformed.

Hilary Duff, Ke$ha, Selena Gomez and other pop stars, actresses, and celebrities have set the trend on the West Coast, inspiring hair salons, boutiques, and shops to offer extensions to women everywhere.

The Debate:

I’ve heard over the past two months that feathers are “so cool” and “pretty neat.” But they aren’t to some people, like fisherman who are complaining about the new fashion trend.

Abc7 News reported outrage over women buying rare rooster feathers. Fishermen use them for lures, and they don’t agree with their current use.

“They come from roosters that are genetically bred and raised for their plumage. In most cases, the birds do not survive the plucking,” stated abc7.

The Benefits:

Delicate and fascinating, feather extensions are a way to express creativity and individuality. I happened to stumble upon the feather craze, while aimlessly searching on Tumblr.

When a friend and I walked into a local boutique, we spotted the feathers in plain sight. Immediately, I wanted them in my hair, and two months later, they are still in my locks.

A lot of friends and strangers ask about them. “Do they come out?” “How do you wash them?”

Basically, there’s a bead that holds the feathers and a thin piece of your hair together, allowing the feathers to stay in place for three to four weeks. After that, you need to get new ones or have them reapplied.

They work for every hair type. There are short ones for people with short haircuts, and even smaller ones for those with bangs. If you have curly hair, they form with your curl after a wash, and you can always take your curling iron and curl them yourself.

If you Google “feather hair extensions,” images and websites pop up and entice girls to buy them. Some sites charge more than others, so if you decide to purchase any online, be sure you get the best quality and price possible.

There are definitely benefits to using feather extensions: they’re not permanent, and their color choices vary.

Although there are other options if you prefer to save the roosters, how do you feel about supporting the feather extension trend?

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