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Recently, I had a terribly disappointing thing happen to me when I was out with friends for a birthday party. It should be noted that I was 1) with friends and 2) at a birthday party (further driving the point that I knew mostly everyone in attendance personally).

As for many occasions that do not require dressing up and/or a dress, I chose my favorite black, Coach wristlet to put my cell phone, credit card, lip gloss and license in for the evening. It is simple and classic, and goes with almost everything, so it had become my dependable go-to item for occasions where a handbag was too large to lug around.

Well, in true party fashion, I put my wristlet down on the table and began to dance, only inches away from the thing! And 10 minutes later, looked down to find that someone had taken it. I was furious and, quite frankly disgusted, since I knew I had probably been talking to the thief earlier that night!

Long story short, I went shopping the next day for a new cross-body bag! I had always had some variation of a cute cross-body for daytime that was slightly large, but this time I was out for a sleek and simple one that only held a few items. Luckily, I found exactly what I was searching for and will be putting it to good use.

My advice is to always use a cross-body bag when there is ANY chance you may be tempted to put your clutch, wristlet or bag down when you are out. This way, it is attached and you save yourself the aggravation of replacing everything, driving to the DMV, canceling credit cards and paying the deductible to get a new cell phone.

Here are a few cute and affordable cross-body bags that will be perfect for preventing future frustration:

Akira Black Label Studded Leather Satchel in Concrete - $39.90

Forever21 Charisma Croc Clutch in Black - $9.80

ASOS Pastel Quilted Lock Across Body Bag in Mink - $25.86

By: Ashley Mancini | Image: Source

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