5 Childhood Activities That Should Be College Class Requirements

Dear College,

I adore your late nights, the amazing friends I've made, the exciting parties, the deep conversations, and the fact that I learn something new everyday (and not always from class.) I love how you even embrace things like Quidditch, laser tag battles in the middle of the day, and the people dressed in gingerbread men suits serenading random students (or maybe my college is just awesome.) There are some things, however, that I really do miss from my childhood, and I really want to bring them to college:

Remember the joy of coloring? Taking a rainbow of crayons and coloring your favorite cartoon character within the lines... now THAT'S a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or better yet, that's how I would love to spend Monday lecture. I would be so much more inclined to go to my morning class if I knew we were coloring.

I know we have breaks in between classes, but when was the last time you used one of them to play? I would not be against (read: I would LOVE) having a playground on campus and reliving my childhood recesses through swing sets, handball, slides, and tetherball. Don't forget that this could also be a great way to combat the freshman 15 and a great way to remind college students that we still need to learn how to share.

Story Time
Instead of class discussions, why can't we just have the TA read us stories? We can gather around on a carpeted floor, sit with our legs crossed and patiently watch our TA read The Rainbow Fish or Curious George, complete with sound effects.

Non-slutty Halloweens
I miss my non-slutty Halloweens. My girl friend once told me, "Halloween is just an excuse for all girls to dress slutty for one night." Sound familiar? Halloweens in college are all about the risque costumes and jungle juice. But what happened to the candy? The trick-or-treating with friends? The awesome non-slutty costumes? If I could, I would totally don a full on ninja costume, go trick or treating in the local neighborhood, and munch on some awesome Halloween treats.

I believe I can speak for most college students when I say this: we need more sleep! Sure, I can go back to my dorm room or apartment to take a nap in between classes, but oftentimes I won't let myself. I've got so much stuff to do! It would be nice to have a class where I was required to take a break.

Do you agree? What childhood activities do you wish you could bring back to college?

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