A Day in the Life of a Fashion Intern

Have you ever wondered if the life of a fashion intern is quite as glamorous as Anne Hathaway's in the Devil Wears Prada? Not that Andy had the easy life, but she got all those shoes and fabulous clothes!  Ashli, the founder of fashion intern guide Intern Chic, lets us into what a typical day looked like at her most recent fashion PR internship:

9:00am          Arrive to my fashion PR internship on time (whew!) and get settled in the intern room. Briefly chat with my fellow fashion interns.

9:05am          Grab a notebook and check in with my account executive for my daily assignments.

9:10am          Format press on the computer and compile it to show clients.

10:30am        Assist a stylist by giving them a tour of the showroom and helping them chose items to pull. Get everything (sometimes heaps of clothes) approved by account executive and then write everything up.

11:45am        Merchandise the showroom by arranging all clothes by designer, color and sleeve length.

12:30pm        Another stylist has returned with tons of garment bags that need to be checked in.

1:00pm          Just received an urgent email from a fashion magazine that needs clothes from our clients shipped to them by the end of the day! This includes: choosing items that fit their description, getting them approved by an account executive, constructing a box, folding clothes and placing them in neatly in box, creating a shipping label, packaging it up and sitting it on the bench in time for pick up.

2:30pm          Officially starving! I brought a lunch but some of the account executives want me to go pick up their lunches. Um…

3:45pm          Time to work on a pitch informing fashion bloggers of our client's latest lookbook.

4:30pm          Assist stylist with a pull.

5:30pm          Almost quttin' time! Time to tidy up the showroom and the intern room.

6:00pm          Time to go! Another exhausting day completed.

For more information on fashion internships, check out Intern Chic!

By: Ashli Townsend | Image: Source

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