The Weekender: Staying on Campus? The Summer Bucket List

Staying on campus this summer? Check some things off of this universal college bucket list.

Well deserved, Miss Aniston. Jen is getting the Decade of Hotness award at Spike's "Guys Choice" Celebration next month.

You might only be a college student, but these 40 things might make you feel old.

Spoil your just-graduated friends with an original, thoughtful gift in honor of their success.

Post-grad hook-ups can be just as embarrassing as the walk of shame through campus!

Have a wild, carefree summer, but keep in mind the troubles underage drinking can cause.

Take a bite out of this spring's juicy, fruity fashion fads.

Drop your college weight by leaving these unhealthy habits behind.

Louis Vuitton launches their fall ad campaign -- complete with pups galore.

Are victims of sexual assaults at colleges getting no justice for their abuse?

Tame your tresses and soothe your skin with these quintessential summer beauty products.

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