Foodies You Should Follow on Twitter

By Taylor Combs
You watch them on TV, dream of one day eating their food, and try your hand at cooking their recipes. Now your favorite foodies can be found sharing photos, behind-the-scenes info and more on their Twitter feeds every day.

Which foodies are worth the follow? From restauranteurs to top chefs, you will want to get yourself some food action with these tweeters.

Rick Bayless (@Rick_Bayless)
Chef Bayless is an extraordinary Twitter user. He not only held a Twitter contest earlier this year, but also always Tweets funny, interesting insights into what he’s cooking up at his many gourmet restaurants. He also travels and shares his adventures with his followers. A recent trip to London resulted in numerous mouthwatering photos from the food stalls at the legendary Harrods department store. Yum!

Chris Cosentino (@offalchris)
Co-host of Food Network’s Chefs vs. City, Chris Cosentino’s Twitter feed is full of pictures of his dishes and glimpses of what is going on behind-the-scenes at his San Francisco restaurant, Incanto. Interesting stuff, such as this little gem: “What do you say to a female guest, who tells you they can't eat mussels cause they look like lady parts? I was speechless for once!!”

Gael Greene (@GaelGreene)
This woman knows how to rock a dramatic accessory (she’s known for the large hats she used to hide her face while writing restaurant reviews for New York Magazine and she’s mastered the art of clever Tweet abbreviations. Greene Tweets about her adventures eating at fabulous restaurants around the world. Follow her trip!

Bobby Flay (@bflay)
Iron Chef Flay is well known for his TV shows such as Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Boy Meets Grill.  His online persona is just a big as what you see on TV. Flay tends to Tweet about happenings at his restaurants around the country and previews of what you’ll see on his shows.

Jamie Oliver (@jamie_oliver)
This cutie-patootie Brit earned the moniker The Naked Chef for his stripped bare food. You might have seen him on his reality TV show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” when he came to America to whip some of our unhealthiest cities into shape. He Tweets about his personal life, his shows and inspires his followers to try his healthy recipes.

Slice the Pizza Blog (@slice)
Although Slice isn’t a chef per se, they Tweet about everything you could need to know about the food that features prominently in the college student diet: pizza! Reviews for the best pizzerias all over the country will help you find the best grub for when your tummy is grumbling for something a little better than your local chain.

Jon Ashton (@ChefJonAshton)
As the Executive Chef at RELISH Magazine, Chef Jon Ashton has his finger on the pulse of what’s cool in food. If you enjoy food shows like Unwrapped more than cooking shows, Chef Ashton is the Tweeter for you. He’s loaded with cool facts that will make you go hmm and yum. For example, did you know that watermelons can cost up to $100 each in Japan? Crazy!

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