Five Ways to Fight College Stress

Learning to deal with and express our overwhelming feelings in a positive and productive manner can really decrease the high levels of stress we feel. Listed below are five relaxation techniques to keep stress in check. Take just a few minutes each day to practice one of the suggestions and you might just be able to breathe a little easier.

Listen to soothing music. This might seem like a no-brainer, but soothing music can really lower your heart rate and increase feelings of well being. Try something like Adele, Jack Johnson or the up-and-coming band Milly Beau.

Practice yoga, meditation or deep-breathing exercises. Really focus on the present while practicing this type of de-stressing. Try to think about breathing in the positive while exhaling the negative.

Take a shower or bubble bath. The hot water and steam from a shower or bath is proven to clear your mind, not to mention soothe any tense muscles.

Light a scented candle. Aromas and scents have a very powerful effect on us because smell and memory are very strongly linked in our frontal cortex. Light a candle that reminds you of a time you felt at ease and relaxed, such as a vanilla scented candle or maybe a candle that is reminiscent of a vacation.

Read a good book. When asked the location of her favorite place, a friend once replied, “Wherever I am in the book I am reading.” Reading can be a powerful escape from everyday stress. Pick out a favorite and curl up for a little while before you go to sleep and let the novel take your mind off of responsibilities for a while.

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