10 Ways to Bounce Back from a Bad Break Up

Sure, it’s okay to binge watch Netflix and bawl your eyes out for the first week or so, but one bad break up doesn’t have to dictate months to come. There comes a point where basking in self-misery, frustration, and even confusion, can start to make you lose yourself— case and point: Carrie Bradshaw. But even the girl who was left at the altar was back to her fabulous self in a matter of weeks. Yes, getting back on your feet isn’t as easy as it looks (and may seem physically impossible), but there’s a light at the end of the heartache tunnel! It just takes a little guidance to get there. Here’s a few tips to help the healing process and get that smile back on your face:

  1. Start your day off early. Sleeping in till noon will only make a day of lounging, crying, and French fries sound appealing. And don’t even think about fueling the “I have nothing to look forward to anymore” mentality because there is literally everything to look forward to. Acting like your whole life is over just because of one person should never be your reality.
  2. Get exercising. I’m not saying go into hyper fit mode or start hardcore training for the next Cross fit games (unless you want to), but going for a jog each day or a walk can help clear the mind. It’s more therapeutic than you think and will give you more energy each time. 
  3. Please, for the love of God, don’t stalk his social media. This is by far one of the most self-destructive things to do post break up. Sure, he’s posting pictures of him at a party and maybe even with other girls, but letting your imagination get the best of you is never a good thing. Chances are he’s posting it because he knows you’ll see it, but guess what? No one has time for games and you are MUCH better than that. Good riddance.
  4. Alcohol is not liquid happiness. If anything, coffee is and I fully endorse that. Binge drinking will only lead to regrettable things, especially if you’re in a vulnerable state. I’ll let you think on all the possible scenarios, but just to name a few: Drunk texting, drunk calling, drunk ubering to his house. Trust. It will only make you feel worse.
  5. Venting is healthy, however, a pity party is not. There’s a fine line between venting to your friends about it and becoming obsessed with the topic. You’re never going to move on if you keep dwelling on what could have been.  
  6. Surround yourself with positive people and uplifting music. You want to be surrounded by those who will help you move on, not fuel your emotions —Same goes for your music choices. Listening to sad songs can lead to more sobbing, chocolate eating, and emotional tweeting. Turn up the Beyoncé. You are flawless and sometimes, you need to hear it.  
  7. Tindr is not your friend fresh out of a break up. Yes, feeling pursued and wanted is an amazing feeling. But, you have to be stable within yourself before seeking someone else. You are the source of your own happiness. Only then should you step into the dating world.
  8.  “Do you.” Whether you think it’s true or not, this is your moment. Embrace your newfound independence and do the things you love. Go on adventures, make memories, and try something new. Sometimes break ups can help you learn a lot about yourself. You just have to go for it.
  9. Make sure you’ve found closure. If you have unanswered questions, unsettled conversations, or anything left in the air that’s going to eat you up inside, do yourself a favor and meet with him for coffee—but only when you’re ready. You can’t go your whole life wondering why things didn’t work out. Sometimes one conversation can put all those unresolved feelings and questions to rest. You both owe it to each other to have one last talk.
  10. You can’t force someone to love you. This is by far the hardest thing to accept. A relationship means two people putting in all their effort and all their love. No one deserves half the love in return of what they’re giving. Just like Kate Winslet says in the film “The Holiday,” you’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life. Find the power within you and you’ll bounce back from this bad break up stronger than you ever were.

By: Danielle DiMeglio | Image

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