3 Outfits for Family Get-Togethers

Returning home to your family at the end of finals can be about as intimidating as the essay portion on that history final because it can seem like there are even more questions -- about your major, your classes, your friends and where you’re going with your life. Even if you can’t dodge the questions, it can only help to look like you have your life put together. Try these three outfits when you’re home for the holidays to look cute and collected.

Casual and Cozy

Take a casual approach to the day by starting with a neutral-colored, comfortable dress. Mix different shades of brown throughout your accessories to accomplish an overall warm look. Your family will appreciate the relaxed and innocent look of this outfit!

Funky and Festive

Throw on bold colors with gold jewelry and rock the day. Your family will love your energy and appreciate your love for the season! Try switching out flats with black riding boots for a warmer, more casual look.

Prim and Polished

Top | Pants | Shoes | Handbag

If you really want to look like you have your life together, try this prim and polished look. Dark skinny jeans and a simple blouse are perfect for the occasion. Add red accents complete the look. This is a no-fail way to look put together.

By: Alexandra Abboud | Image: Source

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