Makeup Must-Haves for Every Look & Occasion

There are so many different makeup combinations and looks to try in the cosmetic world today. After all of the hype has passed for certain looks, there will still be a few essential products that will work well with every look. If you don’t own these versatile products already, we suggest that you give them a go.

Black Mascara

The look of long, fluttery eyelashes will always be flattering. Classic black mascara will work with every outfit and makeup look that you decide to try, as color mascara may not match with every shadow in your collection. Girls with blonde hair are often immensely thankful for the power that black mascara has since it makes eyelashes visible and helps them to look fierce with every application.

Full Coverage Foundation

When you apply foundation, your complexion is evened out while also concealing pimples and redness. Once you find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone, try to get into the habit of applying it every time you decide to use makeup. Foundation serves as a great base for a flawless overall look, so take the time to ensure that it’s applied correctly and evenly. A few tools of the trade for applying foundation are makeup sponges, whether contoured or rectangular, a specially designed brush or even your fingertips. Test out each of these to see what works best for your routine.

Clear Lip Gloss

A tube of clear lip gloss is similar to a pair of nude heels in the fashion world – anything paired with it will look amazing. If your eye look is intense and you don’t want your lips to steal the show, swipe on some clear gloss to keep your lips shiny and moisturized without the pop of color. The clear gloss also works well for days that you’re in a rush or have an early class with limited time to get ready for your day. Since it’s quick and easy to apply without a mirror, you can take it with you on the run so that you’re able to put some effort into your look without wasting precious time.

Our pick: NYX Sheer Gloss 


Even though summer has come to an end, using bronzer all year round is still acceptable; its purpose just changes. In the summertime, bronzer is used to amplify your tan, while in the cooler seasons it’s used to help to warm up your complexion, as your skin gets lighter from minimal sun exposure in the fall and winter. To update your bronzer for the fall, opt for a large, fluffy powder brush rather than a contoured angle brush so that once it’s applied it looks natural instead of forced. When choosing a bronzer to use, look for one with a matte finish instead of a shimmery one to keep from giving off that summertime vibe.


Rosy, vibrant cheeks make everyone look a little brighter. After you use your bronzer, dust on a peach or coral shade to the apples of your cheeks to complement the bronzer and help your complexion look vibrant and young.

The next time you apply your makeup, whether it’s for class or a party, going back to the basics will help you to look flawless and radiant. What are your makeup must-haves?

By: Jen Morgan | Image: Source

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