Makeup Emergency: What to Do If You Run Out Of...

Waking up and finding out you ran out of product mid-application can be quite the awkward situation. But don’t fret because we have a solution for everyone’s worst case scenario. Follow the helpful suggestions for “what to do if your run out of...”

When your liquid liner dries out, eyeshadow will become your BFF. Reach for the darkest shade and run it along your upper and lower lash line with an eyeshadow brush or the tip of a smaller eyeshadow brush. It is effective, smoldering and even sexier! Walk out of your dorm like you’re Adriana Lima, no seriously!

Eyebrow Pencil
Never fear because your mascara will fix everything! Sweep one coat of your mascara onto your eyebrows and comb it with a spoolie brush. Voila! This solution is perfect for when you’re in a rush, too.

Eyebrow Gel
If you worry about taming your Cara Delevingne eyebrows every morning, never fear, hairspray can help. Spray some hairspray onto your spoolie brush and smooth. This is also a cheaper alternative to buying an eyebrow gel.

Maybe you’re on your period and you’re feeling bloated, and as it turns out your bronzer fell into pieces last night. Before you think about skipping out on your makeup routine, run to your eyeshadow collection. If you have a matte brown shadow, use this as your bronzer. You see, no need to fuss! Another great tip is to apply blush on the tops of your cheekbones not to the apples for a supermodel effect.

You can try the oldest trick in the book, pinch your cheeks, or apply a sheer layer of lipstick to your cheeks!

Your skincare routine has been spot-on this semester, you’ve made sure to remove your makeup every night, even on those hard nights when you stumble in at 4 a.m., and you never skip moisturizing. Once midterms roll around, a pesky breakout emerges. As it turns out, you haven’t replaced your concealer in weeks, what to do?! Double up on your foundation, not everywhere, but just on your blemishes and dark circles. Also remember, blemishes aren’t as noticeable to others as they are to you. Play up your best features, like your eyes and lips, to detract from any pimples.

This is when one of the oldest beauty products, petroleum jelly, comes into play. Run this along your lashes, place your index finger below your lash line, and blink several times. Now your lashes are more perky! You look awake for class, and no one will know you pulled an all-nighter.

Picture this: you buy this awesome designer lipstick at Sephora that you use everyday this semester, but on a girl’s night out, all your friends ask to use your prize possession. As a good sport, you don’t turn them down. Before you freak out about an empty tube at the end of the night, think about your resources. Creme blush comes to save the day. We know it’s not your signature color balm, but it will still give you a pop of color.

Ladies, remember, we all get stuck in a beauty emergency. Don’t think you have to pop into the nearest drugstore just because you lost your favorite lipstick or shattered your bronzer.

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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