Beauty Abroad: European Style Picks

You may have already stumbled into the UK's health and beauty pharmacies, called Boots, or a French pharmacy, and promptly fallen in love- talk about your secret European romance coming true! Some of you may be jealous that European friends have extra goodies that are missing in the states. From hundreds of foreign items to choose from, and you inevitably know you can only pack a few of the beauty products found exclusively on shelves, so don’t even try Amazon. As your BFFs, we are here to tell you what exactly what to purchase.

Cleansing Water
This miracle cleansing water cleans and removes makeup with ease. Bioderma Crealine H20 Micelle Solution is the must-have item on our list. It gently cleanses and removes waterproof makeup. Bonus, unlike face wash, there is no need to rinse, which is perfect for travel.

Sleek Cosmetics
Sleek is one makeup line we envy Euro girls for having access to at their drugstores. Thankfully, it’s available online, but do grab a palette from the local convenience store when you stop to buy a Milka bar during a free hour on your London tour. Sleek has a extensive range of quality makeup, from eyeshadow palettes like i Divine to this “blusher,” as the Brits call it.

Embroylisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream) is a French pharmacy staple, known as a miracle moisturizer! It provides intense moisture, which also has helped it earn a place in many makeup artists’ kit! It’s perfect for the on-the-go gal, as it’s a primer, makeup remover and pimple spot treatment!

Face Wash
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is a creamy, lotion-based cleanser that works for all skin types. Rub this on your face with your fingers. Our secret for supple skin is to swap a washcloth for muslin cloth, which gently exfoliates. This a transformative product -- watch as the texture of your skin changes from rough to baby smooth!

Soap & Glory Cosmetics
This wouldn’t be a proper guide to a glowing complexion if we left out the lips. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick is addicting. It has a sweet, yummy scent and a glossy, moisturizing finish. Our only complaint is that no S&G cosmetics are sold at Sephora in the U.S.

FYI ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow also shares some of our foreign favorites! She wrote about them on her blog, Goop.

Don’t be afraid to experiment while abroad. Of course, you can sure wait weeks for international beauty products purchased online to ship, or you can test shades and purchase your picks without the middleman, guaranteeing quality. Even better, you can fit right in with the locals when you head to tomorrow’s wine tasting or tour of the Louvre.

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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  1. Totally can't wait to try the Embroylisse moisturizer!!

  2. I've heard so many things about miracle products that are basics in french drug stores from friends who've studied abroad! I'm going to go there with an extra empty suitcase just for products- perfect souvenirs!


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