Treasured Trash: How to Make New with the Old

It’s time to transition into a new season -- want to know what that means? Trading in what’s left of spring/winter wardrobe for those cute short shorts and crop tops. When making this transition, it almost always leads to purging all (or most) unworn clothes in order to make room for the latest fashion. Although new can be fun, so can the old, and it can save some money. This summer, College Gloss is suggesting two fashion do’s: 1) Host a clothing swap party, and 2) Heat up the glue gun and recycle old clothes -- with a little guidance from CG, it’s bound to be a blast.

Thrifting is still a big trend, so don’t be quick to knock the idea of hanging onto old clothes or adopting them. First, go through the closet and clean it out by creating three piles: save, donate and trash. Once this is done, bag them up and invite a group of friends over; to swap clothes from the “donate” pile. Lay out the clothes and begin shopping straight from your friends’ closets. See College Gloss’s article 3 Must-Have Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet for more info on cleaning out your closet.

After the rummage party, take a second look at the new summer wardrobe you have collected. Sometimes girls pick up clothes because they have potential -- not necessarily knowing how to wear them yet. Make a pile of the clothes that could be spruced up and make this summer’s wardrobe one big DIY fashion show, turning trash into treasure. Take old jeans that were getting dingy, and make a new pair shorts. Or, make a crop top out of a cami that’s lace trim as seen better days. Try out different techniques and designs: frayed ends, bleaching or add slicing.

Try out some of these awesome fashion recipes from the Trash to Couture: DIY Blog.

The Zipper Tee

Supplies: old T-shirt (any size) and about 22 inches of zipper

1. For the zipper, don’t get a double sided zipper. It’s best to create it (so the two zippers meet in the opposite direction) by prying the stoppers off the end and pulling another zipper through, making it double sided.

2. Grab the tee and cut the neck, ribbing and sleeves. To avoid finishing the sleeve again be sure to cut the sleeves to fit the length of the zipper or adjust the zipper length. This usually fits about the same when done with a men’s T-shirt, as well.

3. If the tee is of a lighter material, try ironing the interfacing from the zipper onto the edge, in order to prevent “waves” from the zipper; lastly, for this step, sew the zipper on.

4. To complete the shirt, clinch the waist in order to give it some shape.

Flirty Tank

Supplies: plain tank top

1. Cut the tank in half and gather the middle and bottom portion together, then sew in place.

2. Cut the bottom half to a desired length as well as one of the side seams.

3. After placing right sides together, sew the top piece to the bottom leaving a 2-to-3-inch gap below the gather (for the cut out). After it’s sewn completely around, sew the side seam up that was cut.

4. Lastly, take a piece of leftover fabric in order to cover up the “gathered top” or use ribbon; hand sew it into place.

With these two great DIY fashion pieces, CG has redefined the words, “out with the old, in with the new.” Glossers no longer have to be great with a thread and a needle to make the fashion scene go crazy. There’s a ton more to be gained than lost from a fun project like this.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Images: 1, 2, 3

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  1. This is so way cool! As a college student who is on a budget this really helps!! Can you post one on how to bedazzle shoes(such as spikes)?


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