Opposites Attract: Incorporating Different Styles into One Space

One of the best things about being in college is finally being able to decide what style/design you want your room to have. Unfortunately, your idea of what’s hip might not agree with what your fellow dormmates or roommates have in mind. Do not fret! Now, it is perfectly fine to mix different room decor that do not seem like they would go together, but they do. Say goodbye to the matchy-matchy look that has plagued us since elementary school and experiment with these new fresh and fashionable trends.

Too many colors will make your room look busy; the eye will not know where to focus. Talk to your roommate(s) about colors you both adore and limit it to that color family. This does not mean that every piece of your room has to match perfectly, just keep the color palette in mind while purchasing decorations. Even though the space may be made up of different decorating styles, having a common color will tie them nicely together!

Sticking to a specific pattern or shape is another way to combine two seemingly different stylistic tastes. Do not choose anything too crazy; you do not want your room to make you dizzy every time you walk in. Instead, choose a simple pattern that can translate over many different style aesthetics. This pattern could be as simple as vertical lines or circles; something you will be able to find in many different fashions.

Focal Point
There may be one piece of furniture or decor that just does not blend in well with your pieces, do not panic! Embrace it, make that piece the focal point of the space; let the rest of the room build off of it. Now the oddball of the room has become a bold statement piece.

Accents and Accessories
Perhaps you and your roommate have taste that is too similar. In this case, choose some accent or accessory pieces to break up the monotony of the area. Here is your opportunity to go a bit wild. Get a few zebra or bright colored accent pillows. If you are feeling extra adventurous choose a really out there art piece. (Keep in mind, this could be your focal point.)

Slipcovers are a wonderful option if you or one of your roommates has a piece of furniture that functions well but really does not fit the decor of the room. Slipcovers come in all sorts of different fabric options and colors; you will be sure to find one that will suit the style of your space. Do not forget to make sure you have the correct measurements of the furniture piece before purchasing a slipcover.

We hope these guidelines help all of you in incorporating different decorating styles and trends. Now is a great time to start thinking about ideas for next school year. Feel free to share your style combinations; we would love to see how the two blended together! Comment or leave a photo below.

By: Julia Taylor | Image: Source

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