Your Signature Beauty Look: The Grace

Out of all our vintage beauties, Grace Kelly’s name is synonymous with royalty, elegance and of course grace.

Grace Kelly’s status as beauty icon goes further than a couple of red carpet gowns, stellar films and a pretty face; it spills right into royalty, something other vintage icons could only dream of portraying on film. Princess Gracia of Monaco, as she was referred to after her royal transformation, embodies an understated elegance and a refined femininity.

Think of Grace’s look like a muted combination of The Marilyn and The Audrey. If you love to sport the au naturale, barely there makeup look, then, yes, you are a Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly’s makeup palette is a monochromatic one, while maintaining the natural pinks and corals of your skintone.

1. Use a Primer
Unlike Marilyn’s glossy face, or Audrey’s perfect complexion, using a face primer is optional, unless you’re worried about oil seeping in, then reach for your favorite primer.

2. Find the Perfect Base
This is a clear pick -- you want to stay away from high coverage, heavy foundations. Our pick for a super natural finish is YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation ($55, Sephora). If you’re on a budget reach for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.

3. Cover Any Imperfections
We are crazy about the new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($28, for your under eye area! For everything else we like Maybelline Coverstick concealer.

4. Define Eyes
To define your eyes first apply a soft brown color all over the lid. If you’d like you could use a darker brown to accentuate your eye socket. But for the perfect Grace Kelly look you must ditch the gel, pen and pencil eyeliner! Go the au natural route, grab a makeup brush and fill in your lash line with a dark brown eyeshadow. We like Pur Minerals Perfect Fit Eyeshadow Trio in Little Miss Perfect ($26, You can keep your bottom lash line naked or add a touch of color just to define your eye. A great tip to keep in mind is, any time you cover your under eye dark circles, you must add a little color on the bottom lash line to define your eyes.

5. Go Easy On the Mascara
OK, so you are definitely a Grace! I know even natural girls love to pump up the volume on their lashes, so we recommend Covergirl Lash Blast. Don’t forget to add a little bit of mascara to your bottom lashes. One of the best tips we EVER heard was to use a black mascara on the top lashes and brown mascara on the bottom!

6. Perfect Natural Brows
Follow the natural shape of your brow and fill in any sparse hairs. The trick here is to extend your natural brow a little more.

7. Contour and Blush
Although Grace’s makeup was minimal, contouring and blush were never skipped! They were skillfully done, and practically undetectable to the eye, but effective; it accentuated her fabulous face structure. We recommend that you use your favorite matte bronzer to give your face more definition and use a pink or coral blush for a natural flush.

8. Orange Lip
AH, you guys! We found the perfect orange lipstick! If you are a Grace Kelly fan, you’d notice she interchangeably wore a red or orange lip. Well, we chose orange because it screams 50s elegance, plus wearing orange lipstick is one of the chicest things a girl can do! We love Chanel Rouge Allure in Exotic ($30, Chanel).

P.S. Grace Kelly was given a custom made lipstick by Estee Lauder called Princess Grace Coral, which she wore on her wedding day to the Prince of Monaco; sadly, it is discontinued! So if you think orange lipstick is a little old ladyish, think again -- if Princess Grace can wear it, so can you!

Keep in mind that you can use any products you’d like, but a true Grace never cakes on her makeup! Keep it light, natural and dewy!

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source, listed retail stores

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