7 Cool Kitchen Tools for Your College Apartment

Kitchens are not known to be the place in the house to find fun appliances. But sometimes with the right tools, you will never want to leave your kitchen! Here are seven of our favorite "fun" kitchen tools and appliances:

Tea Infusers: For all you tea enthusiasts looking to change up your daily tea routine, try a fun-shaped tea infuser: from whale infusers to rocket ships, so many different shapes are available. Make your next cup of tea a real delight.
Unique Cookie Cutter: Say goodbye to those boring circle shaped cookies and hello to endless cookie cutter shape possibilities. Amazon has cookie cutters in any shape your heart desires; there is practically any shape you can think of!

Collapsible Measuring Cups: If you are sick and tired of shoving those bulky measuring cups into drawers that are too small for them, then you need to buy collapsible measuring cups. These adorable heart measuring cups easily fold flat and will fit into any kitchen drawer.

Reusable Ice Cubes: There is nothing worse than a watered down or hot beverage. Reusable ice cubes are the solution to both of those problems, not only do they cool your drink down, but they won’t water it down while they do it. These gem "ice" cubes are not only cute but functional!

Magnetic Timer: This timer is the perfect answer to anyone that never has enough counter space while cooking or always misplace their kitchen timer. Ditch your old timer and opt for this retro red timer that can attach to your refrigerator since it is magnetic.

3-in-1 Avocado Tool: Avocado lovers around the world rejoice! This 3-in-1 avocado tool makes slicing, peeling, pitting and smashing avocados a snap. With this gadget, there is no need to keep searching for different utensils while you make homemade guacamole or any other avocado dish.

Any of these tools would be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, plus they will make it a more unique and fun space. All of your friends will wonder where you found these cool kitchen pieces and want to get some of their own!

By: Julia Taylor | Image: Source

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