7 Essentials for Your Grad Party

It’s the time of year again--graduation season! As we prepare to walk across that stage and accept our diploma, it’s time to celebrate. These past four years of college have been the best (and maybe the worst) years of our lives. From pulling all-nighters to partying until the sun comes up, it’s time to gear up for the real world. Let’s kick off the start to a new chapter with a celebration in your honor!

1) Guest List
Graduation parties are meant to be shared with family and friends, so why not invite everyone! This is a celebration after all, and who doesn’t love a good party?

2) Time and Date
May is a busy month with high school graduations, your friend’s graduations, and don’t forget about Mother’s Day and Memorial Day! Instead of setting a specific time for your party, keep it simple. Having an open house is more convenient for everyone, and that way people can come and go without other conflicting events!

3) Theme
Be a little spontaneous and plan a themed graduation party! Whether you send out invitations in the mail, or keep it simple with an e-vite, get creative! Who ever said themed parties were so college never got laid at a luau!

4) Food and Beverage
With a theme, you want to have all the essentials. You can’t have a luau without fruity drinks with umbrellas! Fire up the grille for a backyard barbeque with burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip!

5) Memorabilia
Like a birthday party, this is a party all about you and your achievements. Set up a table filled with photographs from preschool to college! Make a poster and have everyone sign it! Or even a little slideshow of pictures and videos of you and your friends! Don’t be shy, you will be laughing just as hard as your parents and their friends!

6) Party Favors
Really into party planning? Check out M&M’s Personal Creations! Customize these classy chocolate candies with your school colors for everyone to enjoy!

7) Thank You Notes
It’s always a pleasant gesture to send a thank you note to your guests! Don’t expect everyone to bring you a gift or a flashy check; the fact that your family and friend have attended your celebration is generous already!

There is no need to stress out while planning a party of any kind. It is all about the company and people you share this amazing accomplishment with! Congrats, grad! You did it!

By: Sarah Mattoon | Image: Source

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