How to Throw a Black Light Party

Although some of those Friday night college parties can be bland, a black light party can be as much fun to throw as it is to attend. Using the right tips and tricks, even a basic white-walled dorm room can be transformed into an electric, club-like atmosphere with strobe lights and flashes of neon colors.

1. Black Light Bulbs
After making the party space as dark as possible, it is essential to replace the normal light bulbs with black light bulbs. The bulbs are crucial to the party because they make anything that is lightly-colored in the room glow.

2. Neon Paint Sticks / Highlighters
This UV makeup comes in six bright colors that are sure to glow under the blacklight for an extra pop to any outfit. It is easy to apply and is easily removed with soap and water. For an alternative, use highlighters! Yes, the highlighters you use to color code your notes in class will also glow under black light, and can be used to decorate white clothing.

3. Tonic Water
Something that is sure to be a crowd pleaser is glow-in-the-dark food, which is easily accomplished using tonic water. Adding a mix of half tonic water and half regular water to jello mix makes for a fun glowing treat.

4. White T-Shirts
White T-shirts will make each guest stand out against the black lights. Plus, these plain shirts can be customized with highlighters. Yellow highlighters show up the best, but feel free to experiment with colors.

This simple but creative theme can be interpreted many ways. But no matter the direction, black light parties don’t have to break the budget. From glowing food to shimmering makeup, it’s sure to be a night worthy of lots of Instagram pics and the admiration of all your friends.

By: Darcy Trauger | Image: Source

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