7 Essentials for St. Patrick’s Day: College Edition

Spring is almost sprung, and it’s time to kick off the season with a party! St. Patrick’s Day is more than a celebration in honor of the patron saint of Ireland; it’s an excuse to get a little crazy! Irish or not, March 17 is a holiday for all ages. When we were younger, Lucky the Leprechaun would leave a trail of chocolate gold coins to his pot of gold. Sorry Mom and Dad, but we’re all grown up now (21+), and we’re ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the right way!

1) Grab the Essentials
It’s time to get festive! Stock up on the St. Patrick’s Day party necessities like green solo cups for a classic game of beer pong! Did someone day green jello shots? Don’t forget Jameson Irish Whiskey – this is a celebration after all!

2) Round Up the Leprechauns
St. Patrick’s Day is all about heritage, and it's a great way to kick back with the family! Your parents were young once, too -- so, don’t be shy! A family that parties together is more than entertaining – they are ridiculously crazy, and we love it!

3) Play the Part
St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to look a little crazy, or should we say, festive! Try throwing on a pair of jeans with a green tank or shirt! Add onto your outfit with a few accessories like a girly green headband, shamrock earrings or even a full-on costume from the party store! Let loose, and embrace your inner green!

4) Get Lucky
Feel like a kid again, and play pin the shamrock on the leprechaun. It's much like pin the tail on the donkey, but this game is for a bit of an older crowd. Each person that misses pinning the shamrock on the leprechaun’s pot of gold takes a shot of whiskey! And if you do happen to get it on the spot, you also take a shot. Everybody wins!

5) Bar Crawl
Head downtown and hop from bar-to-bar for the complete St. Patrick’s Day experience. You’d be surprised (or not) to find more than a few Irish pubs embracing this holiday!  

6) Go Green
As gross as it may sound or even look, try sipping on a festive drink – green beer. That’s right, green beer! Sounds too weird? Keep it festive with a sour apple martini!

7) The Pot of Gold
Get crazy and wild, but remember to always stay classy!

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday. You heard right – Sunday Funday will be in full effect to end your weekend! Let the festivities begin.

By: Sarah Mattoon | Images: 1, 2, 3

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