6 Natural Ways to Help Start the Day Energized

The golden rule of sound sleep is having an average of eight hours; however, late nights spent juggling academic and social life can make waking up in the morning quite difficult. Many may have a caffeine kryptonite. Caffeine, like any drug, can be an unhealthy addiction. It can cut into sleep by causing insomnia, given that it usually takes 24 hours to exit the system. So cut coffee and soda out of your day and make waking up early less dreadful with these habits that will have the body up and going in no time.

1. Snoozing Means LosingAvoid hitting the snooze button all together. To refrain from doing so, place all wake-up call devices across the room. This forces night owls to physically get out of the bed. And after making it that far, it’s less likely to choose to go back sleep. Also, be sure that the alarm tone is loud enough to hear across the room and annoying enough that you’ll be dying to turn it off.

2. Let’s Get Physical Don’t put off daily workouts until the evening. Instead, set the alarm a bit earlier and go for a quick run. Exercising releases endorphins, providing more energy. Not to mention, working out early can help you sleep more soundly.

3. Lighting is Crucial The faintest beams of light in the bedroom, from cell phones to laptops, can prevent anyone from a good night’s sleep. But be sure to open up the blinds in the morning, and the natural light will help wake up a foggy brain. But if there is no source of sunlight, turning on a light will do.

4. Get “Berried” AwayRaspberries and strawberries are good sources of energy. But there are many other fruits that can be substituted for energy sources; there’s something that caters to each personal appetite if these don’t work. If there’s not enough time to stop and eat in the mornings, try preparing fruit smoothies the night before. Avoid foods that are filled with carbs, sugar and fats because these foods will leave the body feeling sluggish.

5. Heaven ScentDifferent scents like jasmine, citrus and peppermint provide quick energy boosts. Try a “peppermint steam,” by placing a few drops of peppermint at the bottom of the shower -- the steam will wake up the senses. Or shampoo with peppermint will do the trick.

6. Water WorksStart the morning with two, eight-ounce glasses of water. While this seems insignificant, it will rehydrate the body, helping to clear a foggy mind because all thinking processes need water to work. Not everyone enjoys water, but a squeeze of lemon may be added for taste.

Bad habits are always tough to kick. But with these tips, as well as some time and patience, there’s no longer a need to choose caffeinated beverages to avoid being cranky.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Image: Source

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