The Valentine’s Date: The Perfect Date for Each Relationship Status

As yet another Valentine’s Day approaches, many find themselves questioning their plans for the infamous day of love. Whether one hates the holiday or impatiently counts down the days, there are plenty of ways to celebrate with or without a boyfriend.

Long-Term Relationship
As a long-term relationship couple who has been through one or two hectic holiday seasons, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to step away from the family and bring full focus on one another. Instead of opting for the cliché restaurant date, put a twist on the evening by making a romantic dinner for two. Pick entrèes that are typical picks, and start the night out by grocery shopping followed by preparing the dish together. Create a romantic restaurant setting by lighting candles, playing soft background music and dimming the lights. Being secluded in a house or dorm room will allow for a more intimate and romantic experience. End the night by cuddling up and watching a classic love story, such as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" or "Love Actually."

Fresh Relationship
Plan a date night that infuses both romantic and fun for a exciting and memorable night that allows you to get to know each other better. Begin by going to dinner at a local restaurant. Don’t feel obligated to be overly romantic just because it is Valentine’s Day. After dinner, plan an activity such as bowling or ice skating. By choosing an activity, yet not inviting a group, it will be a personal environment but without all of the pressure to be romantic.

Girls who are single can feel left out of Valentine’s Day, but it can be the perfect day to celebrate and embrace being independent and single. Don’t let being single prevent you from having a fancy dinner and exchanging gifts; go out with a bunch of single girlfriends. Instead, get dressed up and hit the local ‘hot spot’ for dinner and drinks. Joke about past boyfriends, hook-ups gone wrong and embarrassing dates; exchanging these moments will not only make great bonding topics with your girlfriends, but will provide great laughs to last the whole night. After dinner, go out dancing, and don’t try to impress anyone. Instead, let loose and be silly because it’s singles night!

By: Marina Tomao | Image: Source

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