10 Essentials You Need for Your Dorm Room

The start of second semester is already in full swing, and with the stress of homework and midterms on the horizon, some basic items to bring back with you might have slipped your mind. Well, consider some of your burden lifted! Here is a list of the top ten essential dorm room buys that you might have overlooked your first semester.

1. Mattress Padding

While buying bed linens is a no-brainer, don’t forget to also purchase a mattress pad to place under the fitted sheet if you haven’t already. The mattresses that dorms supply are not known for their comfort. But having your own mattress pad can make a world of difference and turn sleeping on a rock to sleeping on clouds. To get the maximum level of comfort, get a mattress topper and a mattress pad. Amazon has some great options, and they even come in twin XL!

2. Alarm Clock
Sharp SPC800 Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Silver)

It is easy to forget that we go to college to attend classes, not just make new friends. An alarm clock is an essential piece to have in any college dorm. Even though most of us use our cell phones for an alarm, it is still helpful to have a backup wake-up system. Yes, they are annoying and nothing feels better than hitting that snooze button for an extra five minutes of bliss, but unless you have the magical ability to wake up on time, having an alarm clock is a must. Try and see if you can hear the alarm before purchase to make sure it is not the worst sound to wake up to. Don’t forget to buy extra batteries since they are not normally included.

3. Desk Calendar
AT-A-GLANCE Recycled Desk Pad, 22 x 17 Inches, White, 2013 (SK24-00)

Work, internships, papers and tests make one hectic schedule for anyone. Buy a large calendar that will fit on your desk. Having a huge calendar will allow you to organize your schedule. Put all the due dates of papers, tests, work, clubs and any other activities you participate in on it. Buy different colored pens or markers so that each activity has a different color and is easily recognizable from a glance. Since the calendar is on your desk, chances are you will see it everyday, making it very difficult to forget these important dates.

4. Full-Length Mirror

Forgetting to buy a full-length mirror makes it hard to get ready each morning before class. To avoid this blunder, make sure to bring one with you. Be sure to check with your roommate, if you have one, to see if they plan on bringing one too. There is no need to have two. The back of the door to the bedroom is a good place to put the mirror. If it doesn't come with hooks, you can attach it with 3M Command Damage-Free Hanging Strips, which can be found at all office supply stores.

5. Safe
Honeywell 5101 Steel Security Safe, 0.31 Cubic Feet, Black

Not everyone gets to chose who they live with. Unfortunately, theft is a regular occurrence in college. Instead of fretting about your valuable items every time you leave your room, just buy a safe to store them. The Go Vault is a good option and cannot simply be picked up and carried away since it can loop around any post. Plus, it has several color options to fit different personalities.

6. Mini-Fridge

For everyone that is not lucky enough to reside in a dorm with a full kitchen, the mini-fridge is perfect. Having a mini-fridge is almost a rite of passage in college these days. Freshman year, you get your own cute, little fridge and eventually graduate to a full-sized one by senior year. Now you don’t have to go hungry when the cafeteria is closed. Mini-fridges are a huge convenience; store milk for cereal, late night ice cream or leftovers ... the choice is yours!

7. Organization Items

Dorms rooms are typically small and are prone to clutter and mess very fast. To avoid this potential disaster, buy these tools to prevent a pigsty.
  • laundry hamper is essential to keeping a clean room. Dirty clothes pile up quickly no matter where you live; now you’ll have a specific place to put your soiled delicates.
  • Underbed storage is also an organizational must that optimizes space in a dorm. Tuck away all those T-shirts inside and simply slide it under the bed.
  • For those shoe lovers, a shoe organizer that hangs in the closet saves space while making all your shoes still easily accessible. 

8. A Fan

Temperatures in dorms are never reliable. To avoid unbearable summer heat waves in dorms or if you tend to just run a little hot, a fan will be your savior. A cool breeze can make all the difference if you dorm isn’t blessed with its own air conditioner. Make sure to buy one with multi-speed functions so you can customize your air needs. If you do not want to spend a lot on a rotating floor fan, some smaller fans even clip to the end of your bed and don’t cost much.

9. Shower Caddy

Transporting all your toiletries back and forth from the shower can be a real pain, especially if you happen to share a communal bathroom all the way down the hall. A shower caddy will fit shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor and a loofah with plenty of room to spare. It is important to buy one that is made of waterproof material with holes to drain any excess water.

10. First Aid Kit

After getting a cut or terrible stomachache is not the time to remember that you don’t have a first aid kit. Pre-made first aid kits are available, but it is also easy to make your own. A customized kit is guaranteed to have everything you need: band-aids, with varying sizes to accommodate any scratch; some sort of antibacterial ointment to prevent infection; a thermometer to check if you have a fever when you’re not feeling well; a few antacid pills to soothe heartburn; an ace bandage if you ever pull a muscle; and some allergy pills if you are prone to pollen. Hopefully you won’t need a first aid kit often, but you’ll be glad you have it.

These are the top ten most essential items for college that are forgotten. We hope this list has helped remind you of anything that might have slipped your mind or you did not think to bring back with you from home. Feel free to tell us in the comments below if you think we left out anything that really made a difference for you.

By: Julia Taylor | Image: Source

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