Show Your Spirit Through Wearing School Apparel

On college campuses everywhere, school colors are as prevalent as students complaining about tests and running for coffee. These hues are the life of the student body, and college apparel never goes out of style.

While the on-campus bookstore might be pricy, simply Google your school name with “apparel” or “merchandise” and tons of similar websites will come up with many affordable options.

Wearing campus apparel is fun because it is a unifying experience for both students and staff. You worked hard to get into a fabulous school ... don’t you want to show that off?

The best part is, many school events will get you free stuff just for showing up! It’s nice to have clothing items that were free-of-charge from specific events as a souvenir from the night and something to have for years to come.

Some more fun apparel to wear at school includes sorority apparel and letters. Today, there are many websites where you can choose from a variety of patterns and colors to get your own sorority letters embroidered onto any item of clothing. Wearing letters is one of the best ways to show off your Panhellenic and school pride!

School spirit comes in all sorts of looks. Be it sweats and a T-shirt in the library, a sweatshirt and shorts, or a button down shirt and skirt for a formal affair, you can always fit in your school colors or mascot somewhere!

By: Jordan Schuman | Images: 1, 2, Jordan Schuman

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