Timeless Fashion: It’s Cardigan Season Somewhere

As quickly as winter came, it’ll leave ... and as it was in "The Lion King," this is the "Circle of Life." As soon as spring has sprung, summer will be here, and before anyone knows it, leaves will be falling, and no one will be able to get through it all without a classic cardigan. A cardigan is one of the most versatile pieces of your closet and, although it may seem like just any other piece of clothing, it can enhance every other piece you own.

The cardigan can be worn anywhere, anytime. It is never too warm or too cold for a cardigan, because it is essential to layering. In spring, cardigans are perfect worn over a camisole, and in winter, they are perfect under a leather jacket paired with boots.

Cardigans are practical, come in many styles and can be worn so many ways: v-necks, crew necks, buttoned, zipped, varsity, solid, patterned, animal print. The variety can be overwhelming, but it really is a gift. With all of the different looks, it’s never been easier to customize your look.

The floral sundress is a classic for spring and summer, and the color cardigan you choose to match your look can change the whole mood. Brighter colors are good for warm weather and sunny moods, and darker shades are perfect for cooler tones. Black is a staple for the entire year round.

A school spirited cardigan can be an essential accessory on game day: a kelly green button down at Dartmouth or the University of Miami, or a purple one at LSU or Northwestern, it will be sure to keep you warm out on the field or courtside. Although it isn’t the 1950s and no one is getting “pinned,” Varsity jackets are spirited and stylish, like this one from American Eagle.

It’s also fun to pair different cardigans with colored jeans and skirts, colorblocking and mixing and matching. Try pairing a red dress with a blue cardigan, or pair coral jeans with a lavender button down sweater to create a pastel paradise.

And finally, it can be the piece that ties it all together. While certain colors naturally look good together, like red and black, a leopard cardigan can be the icing on the cake for the ensemble. While black tights and little black dresses will never go out of style, adding a cream cardigan in winter, or a kelly green one in spring can be the accent color that was missing.

Cardigans can be found under $20 (like here), or as expensive as eighty dollars at stores like Madewell and J. Crew, but as long as you find colors and patterns you love, it will be worth every penny.

By: Jordan Schuman | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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  1. A friend of mine once told me, cardis make the world go round. =)

  2. I adore cardigans I wear them almost everyday to my classes on campus and I often get compliments on how cute they are.


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