8 Tacky Beauty Fads to Avoid

Giving out advice on beauty is always a little sticky -- personal preferences and beauty rituals differ according to what works for each person individually. But, we must admit, some fads should be obliterated completely, ASAP!

1) Pretty please stop indoor tanning!
“A new study has found that tanning beds cause increased rates of early-onset basal cell carcinoma (BCC), the most common skin cancer,” according to Allure Magazine. Tanning bed usage increased the rates of BCC by 69 percent. This follows a University of Minnesota study that found tanning bed users were 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma, the most deadly skin cancer. So it’s not really a matter of whether you’ll get cancer from using a tanning bed, but more like, “Which cancer will you get?” We find this practice upsetting because not caring about your health is outright tacky. We highly urge you to use spray tan or a tanning lotion religiously!

2) The classic foundation mask
We get it, we are totally right there with you; it is extremely difficult to find a perfect match for anyone. It’s understandable to go a shade lighter or darker in your base, but do not forget to blend. It only takes an extra five seconds to blend your foundation down to your neck. It is upsetting to see beautiful girls misusing the power of makeup. Blend, blend, blend!

3) Too much makeup
By no means are we discouraging you from sporting smokey eyes or bright pink lipstick to school, but too much of anything is bad! Layers of foundation and blush won’t hide your imperfections, they only magnify them. The same goes for super obvious false eyelashes; they are a no-no during the daytime.

4) The case of the overplucked eyebrows
This is one of the worst trends. Over-plucking your brows transforms your face in an unattractive way! You take attention from your eyes, everybody’s best feature; instead you bring focus to your brow bone by adding a couple years to your fresh face.

5) The horrors of visible lip liner
As for visible lip liner, it is self-explanatory as to why this is a mistake! Remember, makeup is suppose to enhance your beauty, so the best kind of application is the invisible one! Defining your lips with a sharp line won’t make them poutier; instead it will make you look a bit crazy.

6) Monochromatic beauty and fashion
Sure, it's super cute to match your eyeliner with your favorite blue shirt, “but wearing the color all over your eyes is overkill,” says makeup artist Maria Verel. Remember, we are professionals now, we should not be stuck in beauty routines that we loved in junior high!

7) You are not Rapunzel
There is an elegance about having long, beautiful hair, but once your hair takes over more than half your back, it looks childish. Also, remember that long hair takes a lot of care and upkeep. Rapunzel never had fried ends!

8) Super long nails that look like claws
Unless you are Lady Gaga, we recommend that you keep your nails classy and clean! You’re a busy girl and making sure you don’t break a nail should not be a priority.

We hate to get personal, but beauty is personal. You would never let your BFF go out of the house looking a hot mess!

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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  1. I can definitely relate to the long hair Fad! My hair grows so fast and it become such a nuisance, the amount of shampoo I use is just insane! Thanks for reminding me I need a hair cut!

    Another great post!!

  2. Yes! I completely agree about the over plucked eyebrows. They just look creepy and unattractive.

  3. OMG, not going to lie I've been guilty of le' mask. BUT I have since come to the light. Thank you for passing on the gospel of blending!

  4. I love the "too much" make up advice! I wish more young ladies would ease off the "caked on" look! Sometimes I feel like women dress and do their make up more for other women! Thanks for the reminders!! Definitely sharing this with a few friends of mine

  5. Long hair dont care...


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